“Why At Night?” is the second episode of Object Illusion.

Plot Edit

IPad angrily confronts Orange that since they are now on opposing teams, they are worse enemies than before. Orange then gets hit by a sharp arrow from Strawberry, who repeatedly does the same to others throughout the episode. Cup watches and encourages her as she does the same to Remote. Wii U then tells everyone it is elimination time, and when Strawberry tells him styles are still asleep because it is night time, he impatiently tells her to wake them up. At the elimination, IPad is eliminated with 5 votes, and is flung to a distant island with some roast turkey to eat.

The challenge this time is to perform a stunt. Gumball goes first by jumping off a high platform and attempting to land safely, but ends up landing flat on the ground. Wii U takes this as funny and scores her a 10 out of 10. On the other hand, Strawberry tries a stunt of kicking Camera into the water, and gets a 2. Cup then tries to jump in fire, and is disapproved by Wii U. Orange then does a similar stunt as Gumball but now does a mid-air somersault and lands correctly, earning a 10.

The Number 1s do poorly throughout the whole challenge and the initial 2 points from Strawberry are the only points they have by the end. Strawberry meanwhile proceeds to stab Watermelon and also kick her into the water. Conditioner and Shampoo, who probably jumped from above too, do not land well at all. After Wii U criticizes this, her turns around to kick a Strawberry who was sneaking up on him into the water. When Gumball asks Cookie why he never talks, he runs away instead of responding and jumps into the water, earning a 0. After 5 seconds, the Number 1s lose 2-20.

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