"Well, That's A Scary Thought" is the 4th episode of Object Illusion.


Before ChallengeEdit

Wii U gets a call from Asaph, the creator of the show, that the show's ratings are going sharply down because there are not enough characters, and is told to find more. Two hours later, he comes back and introduces everyone to Fire Axe, Lemon, Oreo, Police Hat, and Quadratini.

At the elimination Orange receives the most likes (27) and his prize is immunity, being automatically safe next time he is up for elimination. Remote receives the most dislikes (26) and is eliminated.

Before the challenge, Wii U sends Oreo, Lemon, and Police Hat to the Number 1's and Quadratini and Fire Axe to the Grade A's.


The challenge this time is a killing challenge and whoever is last one standing wins (from what happens, it is implied that it is team vs. team and not individual). Strawberry throughout the challenge does the most and best out of everyone else, first lighting Watermelon on fire. Strawberry also gets in a conflict with Police Hat, who repeatedly mentions the law, and he is spared only because they are on the same team. Strawberry also steals all of the Grade A's knives. When they find out, they all react in their own ways and try figuring out what to do. Orange then gets killed by a thrown knife, and Gumball and Sandwich get in an argument about who is better.

The Number 1's also get into a minor disaster when Strawberry accidentally kills Shampoo not knowing she is also on their team. Police hat brings this topic while still telling Strawberry he could arrest her, while Fire Axe is about to kill Police Hat but then throws his knife out and stops. Fire Axe then pretends to be on their team but is quickly found out and killed.

Wii U gets another call from Asaph and is scolded for how unfair the challenge is in favor of Strawberry. In the middle of their call, Strawberry tells Wii U that she killed all of the Grade A's. That team becomes up for elimination.

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