Pudding Cup is a contestant on Object Illusion. She is a tomboy (most likely), and is teaming up with Police Hat to get Oreo back after he left the alliance in Episode 9. She is a debuter from winning a fan art competition.


Pudding cup appears to be a vanilla flavored pudding cup.


Race of a lifetime Edit

She was introduced and brought to the #1's. then after police hat summons a jet, pudding cup says he is the best person ever. then when police hat crashes the jet into the tree, pudding cup is confused. then when police hat points out that the other jet wasn't flyable, pudding cup was angry. when gumball was explained to everyone, pudding cup thinks she could be fat. then when the team wins, pudding cup explains to lemon to never touch anything.

Pranks a lot! Edit

Pudding walks up and tells sandwich and fire axe and tells them she's the new girl, but then sandwich tells her she sounds like a boy, causing her to burst in tears. then runs back to sandwich only to punch him. later pudding cup then walks by oreo and police hat angrily. when police hat says hi to pudding cup, she says she's a girl. then she says "i mean, hi". after oreo asks pudding cup to be in their alliance, she thinks their pulling a trick. after orea says he's finished with dating, she asks why they asked her to be in the alliance. then when police hat says it's his idea, she joins. at the challenge, pudding cup walks into the fort with police hat and oreo. she looks in oreo's bag, with only a whoopee cushion. when sandwich comes up, pudding cup tells them to get out. later, pudding cup ends up winning. getting immunity.

The Comeback Edit

After police says the viewers can't vote them off, pudding cup is happy. but then cause a conversation. then pudding cup tells police hat to calm down because oreo left the alliance. then pudding cup and police hat start a fight. later, she loses the challenge.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the last newbie to join the show late.
  • She could be vanilla flavoring pudding
  • She hates being called a boy
  • She doesn't have much memory of her childhood.