"Pranks A Lot!" is the 8th episode of Object Illusion, broken into two parts.

Part 1 Edit

Oreo and Police Hat ask Pudding Cup to join their alliance. She is hesitant as she knows how Oreo tries to lure girls into becoming his girlfriend, but with some convincing from Police Hat she joins anyways. Gumball runs into Lemon, where Lemon is acting normal all the sudden. Confused, Gumball asks Lemon why he isn't crazy right now, and Lemon explains that he's been sick for the duration of the time he's been on the show, and the medicine he had to take made him crazy, and he's actually a relatively normal object. On Elimination Island, Strawberry finds a boat and makes an effort to escape. She ends up crashing into iPad and Cup on their palm tree, killing the 3 of them and sending them all back to the island without a boat.

Wii U unveils a huge hotel he has bought for the contestants to stay in. In the elimination, Quadratini gets eliminated. After the elimination, Wii U announced that there is now a merge and no more teams. He then announced that the challenge is a pranking challenge, and that each team must get their own supplies.

Part 2 Edit

With their supplies, Oreo, Pudding Cup, and Police Hat build a house.

Orange and Watermelon build a fort, while Lemon has a mere wall. Orange and Watermelon are using paintball guns to shoot people in the open. Fire Axe and Sandwich don't have a base, and are immediately shot by Orange and Watermelon.

A bomb is thrown into Police Hat's house, but Pudding Cup throws it back out, where it blows up Lemon's wall, and then he is hit by a paintball. Camera is out in the open and gets hit by a paintball. The same happens to Gumball soon after.

Police Hat makes a sacrifice play by running in the open to throw a whoopie cushion into Orange's fort. He succeeds, but gets shot by a paintball. Orange then takes a seat, right on the whoopie cushion, leaving just Oreo and Pudding Cup vs. Watermelon.

Another bomb is thrown at Oreo and Pudding Cup, but Oreo picks up the bomb and throws it back into Watermelon's fort. Watermelon realizes this, and throws it right back out where it hits Oreo, leaving Pudding Cup and Watermelon in a 1 on 1. Watermelon is about to throw a bomb at Pudding Cup, but then forgets what she is doing and the bomb explodes on Watermelon instead, giving Pudding Cup immunity.

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