• CCRF1068

    Asian Animal Illusion

    January 21, 2019 by CCRF1068


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  • Xx123klp2013321xX


    January 20, 2019 by Xx123klp2013321xX

    im a klp13!

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  • Cambrios

    Who Would You Kill?

    November 17, 2018 by Cambrios

    I dunno, I just got an idea for this.

    Basically, there are 2 characters and you have to decide which one to kill. Yeah.

    Also, I included Missile so each time you have 2 characters to debate from.

    And there are 2 rounds to this.

    (Plus, I randomized the characters going against each other.)

    ROUND 1:

    Oreo vs. Sandwich

    Camera vs. Missile

    Shampoo vs. Orange

    Wii-U vs. Conditioner

    Remote vs. Lemon

    Strawberry vs. Pudding Cup

    iPad vs. Cup

    Cookie vs. Fire Axe

    Gumball vs. Police Hat

    Quadratini vs. Watermelon

    ROUND 2:

    Lemon vs. iPad

    Conditioner vs. Oreo

    Orange vs. Missile

    Camera vs. Strawberry

    Watermelon vs. Pudding Cup

    Wii-U vs. Cup

    Quadratini vs. Gumball

    Sandwich vs. Cookie

    Shampoo vs. Police Hat

    Comment who YOU would kill!

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  • YoutubewikiN1

    Duplicate Wiki!?

    October 17, 2018 by YoutubewikiN1

    THIS PAGE is a duplicate wiki of Object Illusion!

    However, it lacks any episode pages other than the first episode, and is way more run own than this wiki.

    I should work on this wiki...

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  • YoutubewikiN1

    Do we use Infobox or the bigger template that has stuff like “Professional Status” abd stuff that applies to people but not object show characters?

    ex.Template:Infobox vs. Template:Contestants template in Police Hat:

    I think the larger one below has unnecessary spaces.

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  • YoutubewikiN1


    July 10, 2018 by YoutubewikiN1

    Hello everyone, as you can see I haven't been very active. This is due to an online week-long competition.

    I forsee myself not being as active as I first was when i came to this wiki for quite a while, as the website hosting competitions hosts sinle round matches once/twice a month and week-long competitions probably once a month.

    So I think I should promote someone to admin.

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  • YoutubewikiN1

    Big news

    June 7, 2018 by YoutubewikiN1

    Forgot to say this earlier but I’ve requested to adopt this wiki.

    EDIT: I have adopted this wiki.

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  • YoutubewikiN1

    I don't know ether.

    The Story:

    Ok so let's go into the future when the show already ended, and everyone's doing their own thing. Everything was normal, until one day, this fairy looking thing came flying over to our group. She constantly tells them about some ancient evil coming to destroy the world. A lot of them thought it was a joke. The fairy pointed behind them. To everyone's surprise, there was a giant dinosaur looking thing coming right towards them. Knowing that they would be crushed in an instant, the fairy gives them magical powers, along with some pretty nifty outfits. Because they knew they would have to save the world, the now power-filled Object Illusion cast went off to save the day!

    Characters and their Powers:

    Orange (leader):…

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  • YoutubewikiN1

    Chapter1 The Plan Sandwich and his team were planning to go all around the world but his team doesn't know the plan yet. Sandwich thought of something,his team was going to use airplanes.Chapter2 Getting Prepared Sandwich and his team filled up the airplanes and attached the wings to the plane.The speed of the plane was 234 meters it can go.Chapter3 Liftoff Sandwich and his team were getting the plane to start."Liftoff!,"said Sandwich as the plane was flying. There was no wifi in the plane.Chapter4 Danger! Gumball a member of Sandwich saw Danger. The alarm turned on everyone controlled the plane and head to safety. "Is everyone okay,"said Watermelon. Everyone said yes.Chapter5 The Rules Sandwich explained the rules Rule 1 No running Rule 2…

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  • Julia Aguire Sanchez


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